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Why is wellbeing and resilience at work important?

Back in January 2017 the UK Government announced new measures to improve mental health at work and to this end, commissioned an independent report 1). The case for reform couldn’t be stronger:

  • The number of stress-related illnesses has overtaken musculoskeletal injuries. the number of mental ill-health related absences is even higher.

  • Musculoskeletal injuries (typically back & neck)  represent 19% of long-term absences from work 2).
    Stress (22%) and mental ill-health (22%) together are responsible for almost half of long-term absences from work.

  • Poor mental health costs UK businesses £33-42bn each year 3).

  • The cost to the UK economy is £74-£99bn per year.

  • 80% of UK employees don't enjoy their job.

  • 20% of UK adults are unhappy at work 4).

  • 54% of UK employees would take a pay cut to be happier at work.

  • Happy employees are 12% more productive.


Beyond the statistics are preventable impacts felt by real people and real businesses.

At Activate Coaching we aim to empower employees and employers to implement strategies that will make work a better place to thrive professionally and personally. A place where people can identify their dreams and ambitions. A place where organisations invest in the invisible but effective value of resilience and wellbeing. A place to be.

1) Thriving at work | The Stevenson / Farmer independent review of mental health and employers, Oct. 2017

2) CIPD Health and Well-being at Work Survey Report, May 2018

3) Mental Health and employers: the case for investment, Supporting study for the Independent Review, Deloitte, Oct, 2017

4) HR Review, January 2019. Some surveys (CV Library, 2018)  have that figure as high as 55.6%.

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