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Meet your Serotonin Builder


Hi, my name is Mel and I like to think of my job title as Serotonin BuilderAnd sometimes I take on silly challenges. Because why not?

Whilst still working long hours in a demanding job, I developed my gentle runs into a more focused regimen, set myself the challenge of learning to swim, completed my first Ironman, and became an International triathlete, racing at European and World level. And I was promoted to a better role too.
That was a busy time, but a very rewarding one too!


This focus had a huge effect on my mindset and I became curious to understand why and how.

And WOW the more I read, the more I was blown away.

A mix of personal and professional circumstances then led me to a crossroad: After an international commercial career of 20 years working for both SMEs and large global corporations, I discovered the incredible power of coaching.

As I was working towards my coaching certification, I qualified as a Running for Fitness Leader and developed a coaching programme that would capitalise on the readiness of the brain to learn after exercising. As an athlete, I am also interested in the psychological side of performance, and in order to best support my clients on their journey towards sustained performance and productivity, I qualified as a WRAW Practitioner.


Activate Coaching was born.

We use a world-leading wellbeing psychometric assessment tool and personal coaching conversations to provide you and your team a clear path forward. Activate Coaching has also teamed up with other professionals who are experts in their field and can broaden the level of support you get throughout and beyond our programmes, when it is needed.

I work mostly within organisations but I also enjoy supporting high performance individuals on a private basis and help them reach their potential.

But enough about me, I would love to hear YOUR story and see how I can help YOU move on to the next chapter of your life!

Get in touch for a free consultation, which I like to call "chemistry" session.

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