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What Our Clients Say:

Anon, January 2021

It's hard not to grin when you get so much positive feedback!

Steve, January 2021

I have utilised Mel's WRAW capabilities to support a number of team-members and it always delivers positive results for the individual, their performance and their interaction with the wider team.

Mel forges strong relationships with her clients and has delivered dramatic and positive changes in perspective in very rapid timescales.

Mel's style is robust and supportive as and when required and as a high performer herself she knows how to support her clients to address the difficult things that they need to deal with to be more successful.

Amy, December 2020

I have really enjoyed the whole programme and feel like it's given me the confidence in myself I needed. 

It has also helped me to see that selfcare is important and I will definitely benefit from this programme through the course of my career.

Anon, December 2019

Thank you so much.


I was feeling quite low at the beginning of the week but I now feel energized and really positive!

I really enjoyed all our meetings. You helped me to keep positive and come up with new ideas, especially during a stressful time.


I will definitely recommend you to other people if someone needs coaching. I have been so lucky to have worked with someone like you. You are really inspiring.

Thank you for everything.

Lis K., February 2020

I saw Mel over a period of a few months and she was very approachable and easy to talk to. She’s a great listener, asking insightful questions which in turn drew out considerations I had not thought of before.


I found the whole process satisfyingly indulgent and helpful in making me focus on some of the issues that were hindering my progress.

Thank you ! 

HB, January 2020

Anon, January 2019

You have been really brilliant Mel and have made me feel really positive about my future!

If you are considering a professional business / life coach for yourself or your organisation, who can see things from many perspectives, make you feel at ease quickly, who is non-judgmental, encouraging and good fun to be around connect with Mel Knight.


Mel is a great listener and mentor and has ‘a been there and done that’ Executive background. Mel manages to exercise regularly, stay mentally and physically sharp, understands sleep and nutrition and how to solve problems both at home and in business and how these pieces all form part of the bigger jigsaw.


Highly recommended.

Becky, May 2020

Following the recent death of my Dad I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching with what to do with my life and especially work.

Mel allowed me the time to freely speak and reflect on what makes me happy and inspires me with work. With these thoughts buzzing in my head she enabled me to create a plan of action to put things in motion to develop my career.


I would highly recommend Mel if you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Her approachable manner and her ability to reflect back what you’ve said is a skill not many have.

Ian B., February 2019

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