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What is Resilience?

Why, given similar aptitude, knowledge, and work ethics, do some people succeed and others don't?

Why do certain organisations struggle, despite investing in the best talent available?

Why do people burn out?



Resilience. Or lack of.

A certain level of stress is inevitable and can sometimes even be a good thing. However too much of it over a prolonged period of time can put an enormous amount of pressure on any individual, as well as organisations. 

Just like the physical properties of the Oak in La Fontaine's fable, strength and toughness don't always mean success. Sometimes we have to be more like the Reed in order to adapt and sustain our performance. 

Being tough does not equal being resilient.

The good news is: with the right tools and support, you can improve resilience. 

How can Activate Coaching help improve wellbeing and resilience?

Our 3-step plan enables you to measure, analyse and execute based on your needs and your goals:

  • You own the process.

  • You learn to build resilience.

  • ​You develop skills for life. 



A full audit of resilience and wellbeing is the first step towards improving sustainable performance, innovation, and employee engagement. 


This can be done as part of a preventive wellbeing initiative, or in view of upcoming changes or critical projects in the organisation. 

Did you know? The sooner the intervention, the greater the ROI.



Use the data of the audit to identify your or your team's potential for growth. Own the process.

Through individual powerful coaching conversations with an accredited professional, discover what you can do to improve your and your team's resilience and performance.


The result is a sustainable development programme.

Based on facts. Designed by you,



Implement the solutions that will make a difference!

1-2-1 coaching is often key to maintain the momentum and ingrain the positive changes. 


If required, other professionals we have partnered with can be brought in and also offer their expertise. Speak to us for more details.


The programme is designed to sustain employee engagement, resilience, and wellbeing, ensuring a long-lasting effect on drive, performance, and productivity.

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