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Resilience at Work Audit

A standard to measure the resilience of your organisation

As the saying goes: "you can't manage what you can't measure". This psychometric tool is the world's first assessment measuring resilience, and has been used effectively for over 10 years.


Having that quantitative data is key to leading meaningful conversations and underpinning effective ways to develop resilience. We evaluate and mobilize at individual levels, but also appraise the resilience and efficiencies of teams. 

Wraw is the world’s first psychometric tool and survey to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing in the workplace.

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Once the assessment has been completed, you will be invited to reflect on and take action towards strengthening WRAW's 5 Pillars of Resilience, which are:

  • Energy

  • Future Focus

  • Inner Drive

  • Flexible Thinking

  • Strong Relationships

Having some well-defined areas to focus on improves the effectiveness of the interventions and allows progress to be measured. Activate Coaching will support individuals and teams throughout the process using various tools and techniques depending on needs, and typically we re-assess after an agreed period of time to review. 

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