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The Power of Trust

You're in safe hands with Activate Coaching

Activate Coaching believes that every human being should have the opportunity to reach their potential in ways that benefit their physical and mental health and wellbeing, and that every business should have the right to succeed by adding value to society in sustainable ways.

Activate Coaching is not only about supporting your lifestyle, career, or business goals. We deeply care about the long-term benefits of doing so by giving you the tools to enrich your resilience. health and wellbeing along the way. 

Activate Coaching is a signatory to the Global Code of Ethics and Member of Association for Coaching (MAC). 

All conversations are strictly confidential between the coach and the coachee*.

* As per the GCE the coach has a duty to disclose information to a relevant professional if he/she becomes aware of a risk of harm to anyone, or  any illegal activity.

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