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Did someone mentioned "Serotonin"?

Most cells of our brain and guts are directly or indirectly affected by serotonin which regulates mood, social behaviour, sleep, libido, memory, and learning.

Known as the "Feel Good Chemical", serotonin contributes towards the feeling of wellbeing and happiness. 

Sufficient levels of Serotonin are linked with relaxation, contentment, and positivity. Serotonin is also associated with social recognition.

To function optimally, our neurotransmitters need to be in balance: not only to help us feel well, but also motivated. A good balance is also vital to maintain and even grow our memory and other cognitive functions. This becomes particularly important as we get older.

Physical activity is well-known for helping maintain or even redress the chemical (im)balance of our brain. 

Activate Coaching's holistic approach uniquely offers on-the-go coaching and other active sessions tailored to your needs.

Contact us now and see how you can benefit from a dose of Activate Coaching!

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