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It's no secret that the environment we work in influences how we perform as individuals, as a team and as an organisation. At Activate Coaching we help you develop a holistic approach to enhance and support the welfare, wellbeing, and health of your employees, and of your organisation as a whole.

There are many ways in which we can effectively intervene and turn your existing efforts into  a truly game-changing initiative for your most important asset.

Wellbeing Strategies

Take a look at how Activate Coaching can support your vision with wellbeing strategies.

Employee Wellbeing

See how Activate Coaching can help you and your #1 asset.

Benefits Programmes

Check out what great benefits we can help you deliver to your employees.


"The workplace can be a strong contributor to mental wellbeing, giving people the opportunity to feel productive and achieve their potential."

Activate wellbeing at work

Rugby Players

Team Resilience 

Building on the results of the audit we run Team Resilience Workshops designed to enhance sustainable high performance within established or newly-formed teams.


"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Michael Jordan

Enjoying the Nature


The importance of wellbeing for our general health is now a well-accepted, but sometimes poorly understood concept.

Get practical knowledge and tips with our wellbeing workshops. These can be complemented with specialists interventions depending on your requirements. 

Speak to us for more details.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


Our aim is to encourage and support good physical and mental health by raising awareness and giving you the tools to develop sustainable healthy lifestyles. 

To this end we have partnered with knowledgeable professionals who can further enhance our contribution.

Activate Coaching are not medical professionals and as such are note qualify to deliver any medical advice or diagnosis.

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